Une nouvelle génération d’implant intra-oculaire


By Cheryl Guttman Krader; Reviewed by Jérôme Blondel, MD

Onex, Switzerland—Results of a prospective clinical trial provide evidence that a novel, microincision, acrylic multifocal IOL (InFo, Swiss Advanced Vision) achieves its goal of providing continuous good vision, said Jérôme Blondel, MD.

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“The name of this IOL, InFo, was chosen to reflect that it provides an invariant focus,” said Dr. Blondel, head physician, Clinique de l’Oeil, Onex, Switzerland. “Based on its design and our early clinical outcomes, we believe that it is not just another multifocal IOL, but rather represents an important step forward in the management of presbyopia after cataract surgery.

“However, more data and longer follow-up are needed to understand the efficacy and safety outcomes, including the development of capsular opacification,” he said. “A multicenter study is under way.”

In contrast to other multifocal IOLs that transform an incoming light ray to two or three focal points by virtue of their bifocal or trifocal design, the new implant has a unique axiconic-like shape that changes a ray of light into a focal line. It thereby provides patients with an extended depth of focus, similar to what is achieved with the natural process of accommodation (~3 D).

The novel optic design also reduces the potential for glare and halos, which are associated with conventional diffractive multifocal optics.
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